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2005 Ford Mustang

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Tim King and TMI Automotive Products, Inc


Flying Pony

TMI always had their eyes and ears to the pulse of the automobile customization industry and are always on the lookout to expand their product lines to areas where demand is high. After carefully looking at the market, they decided to expand into the burnout filled scene of late model Mustangs. TMI already had the vintage market covered; it was now time to let the more recently produced Pony cars have some style

After careful consideration, TMI decided to shop around for a ’05-’14 S197 Mustang to develop interiors on. After a few weeks of searching, a perfect example was found close by and the R7D team at TMI rushed over to snatch it up. Mustang fans are constantly on the lookout, so there was not a huge amount on the used market. The plan was to just strip the entire interior, do a full prototype process, and use the car as a cool daily, but as is the case with many builds the team at TMI just could not leave the ’05 stock. Once they dove into the interior and let the R&D Department do their magic, the rest of the car just had to follow suit.

Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

A quick internet search found a rear wing and some side scoops which found their new home on the Mustang. At this point they went full bore into building a show stopping Mustang for the 2013 SEMA show. The Mustang was on the right track with the interior but needed the outside cool factor to match the inside.

Under the hood a set of Performance Distributors coil packs were installed along with a Jet Performance throttle spacer and programmer. A complete 3-inch Flowmaster exhaust system was installed to give the Mustang some extra pep and extra sound while cruising.

Stance Is Everything

A cool interior and a few underhood mods weren’t going to bring the Mustang to show stopper status. A set of Air Lift Performance struts brought the Ford to the ground. Complimenting the new stance is a set of 20x9 and 20x11 Vossen CV7 Matte Graphite Rims and 255/35 wrapped in 285/30 Continental rubber. Behind the killer wheel and tire combo is a set of SSBC 13-inch-diameter discs to give the brakes extra stopping power.

Originally Sonic Blue, the exterior of this Mustang needed some love really shine. The custom wrap job you see is from Gatorwraps in Ontario, CA composed of 3M matte Blue Metallic and Dark Gray to get the end result you see here. A combination like any other we’ve ever seen.

Complimenting the killer wrap job is a Trufiber carbon fiber hood, chin spoiler and side skirts. A set of Spyder headlights and taillights complete the ultra-cool looks of TMI’s ‘Stang.

Cherry on Top

With everything else finished, the R&D department took the Mustang to an “11” by wrapping the factory seat frames with new foam, and slipping fully customized Sport-XR seat upholstery dressed in Tan Smooth vinyl and Whiskey Saddle suede, while the rear seats were given the same treatment. Whiskey Saddle then also was added to the A/C, center console, and door panels. A Grant Revolution steering wheel was also sourced and given some custom touches to help tie the entire interior together.

With the car complete, it hit the SEMA show floor with grand success and the Mustang crowd was in love with it. Now TMI could offer Mustang fans a custom high-end looking interior right out of the box for their own projects at home.

Inside the Build
TMI Products
XR Seat Upholstery
Sport XR Pattern
Door Panels
4.6L SOHC 3-valve Modular V8
Performance Distributors Coil Packs
Jet Performance Throttle Spacer MAF and Performance Programmer Plus
Air Lift Performance Struts and Air Control
UMI Performance
3M Matte Blue Metallic/Dark Grey Wrap
Vossen CV7 Matte Graphite
20x9 Front
20x11 Rear
Continental ContiSportContact 5P
SSBC Brakes
Factory OEM
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