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4th of July for Auto Enthusiasts

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It’s nearing 4th of July and the summer is heating up. Time to get together with friends and have some great time out in the sun, maybe a backyard barbeque, and just enjoying what the lazy days can offer. In this post-pandemic atmosphere, everyone has been locked up inside for far too long, it really is time to blow off some steam and get back out in the world.

If it were any other normal year, auto enthusiasts of all sorts would have been enjoying better weather for months now taking their beloved ride out on the road. Neighborhood car shows had been going on (to a smaller degree) during the pandemic, but now that the US is in a state of semi-freedom as most of the restrictions had been lifted and that means that big car shows can resume their normal schedule. The 4th of July is usually a prime weekend for car related activities. Whether it’s really getting into the nooks and crannies to give your beloved ride that deep clean and waxing it so desperately needed, or even getting back out on the road going to car shows, weekend get-togethers or weekly cruise nights, the extra days off surrounding Independence Day is just the right time to do it.

A long, long time ago, when gearheads were free to roam the highways and byways, many saved up their coveted vacation days to plan destination car trips to either far flung locations or to go to an actual show many miles (or states) away. It is actually normal for auto enthusiasts to pack up their custom car and travel thousands of miles just to enjoy the trip.

The US alone is busting at the seams with bucket list destinations. Take your pick: Niagara Falls, The Florida Everglades, California wine country, Mount Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, or even Graceland. Gearheads often make pilgrimages to famous raceways to either pay their respects to the burnouts that came before them, or to run a hot lap or two. Take your pick there too: Laguna Seca, Daytona, Indy, Lime Rock, Sebring, Road Atlanta, Bandimere Speedway, Gainesville Raceway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, or Summit Motorsports Park.

Summer is usually jam packed with events (not all car related) and is the perfect time to bust out your beloved and hit the highway. Unlike in the colder months, there is no snow, no salt on the roads, less of a chance of hail, longer days, less cares, and more chances to stop for ice cream! It’s perfect!

Now that car and trucks shows have been cleared to open up again, a vacation spent going to a show will produce some unbeatable memories. Coming up in the later part of 2021 is the Texas Heat Wave in Ft. Worth, the Good Guys show in Pleasanton, Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, The Great Labor Day Cruise in Costa Mesa, LS Fest in Bowling Green, Qruisin PCH in Huntington Beach (monthly), Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach, Dino’s Git Down in Phoenix, not to mention the multitude of weekly cruise nights, Cars & Coffee events, or the grand daddy of all the weekly car meet ups with Donut Derelicts, at Adams Ave Donuts.

As the country opens itself back up and goes back to (kinda) normal, make sure to have a barbeque for the 4th of July and spend some time with family and friends. It is also the perfect time to get back out on the road and do what gearheads love to do. And what better time to get out on the road than in summer? Unless your rig has no AC. Then maybe plan a shorter trip.

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