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Please note: TMI’s availability dates and deliver speeds are currently affected by the global pandemic. This may have an impact on your order.

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Navigating the retail world can be a little challenging, even in this digital age. Getting what you want at a decent price is the name of the game, but with the ever-expanding digital retail environment, the proverbial needle in the haystack can be hard to find. The upside is multiple outlets are offering more products to choose from, shipping is easy, returns are even easier, don’t have to leave the house, the list goes on. Another plus of digital shopping is that you can track when your desired items have fluctuated in price and be able to see what stage it is in at the moment.

A big upside to digital shopping is the idea of bundling items to get a better deal. Oftentimes, retailers will offer three items that are commonly bought together and offer a discount. A computer package may include a tower, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. A vehicle cleaning kit may include a wash mitt, exterior washing liquid, and tire shine. A kitchen starter pack may include a cutting board, chef’s knife, frying pan, and rolling pin. Items that are bundled together can offer the consumer a shortcut to their intended outcome by offering the consumer an easy way to get started with the most common items that are bought together.

In the case of outfitting the interior of your vehicle, a bundle could help bring about a serious change and help kickstart the intended project build, or just hack out a huge area of progress. Vehicle builds can sometimes plod along with one item being bought at a time. That is why your neighbor or buddy (or you) took 11 years to build their dream car. With a bundle, you can get a larger chunk of a build done all at once, and save a little money in the meantime.

Interiors are no different than any other consumer product. Just like most other consumer products, consumers often buy them singularly and piece together their interior over time. The real challenge is to buy the components from the same source so the materials and patterns can be consistent. That is where bundling really comes into play. If a majority of a vehicle interior is bought at the same time, the patterns will match, the materials will all be from the same source, and the components will be more likely to match.

Buying a bundle of interior components makes good financial sense at it will come at a discount, will arrive all at once, and will prevent a vehicle build project from sitting for too long with no progress gained. And as anyone who has built a vehicle over a long timeline can attest to, the longer a build sits the more likely the owner will lose interest. Not to mention running the risk of something not fitting correctly and having to eat the cost of a part bought eight years ago.

For those whose dream vehicle build is a car, an interior bundle can cover seats, door panels, quarter panels, and a headliner. Or maybe seats, carpet, a steering wheel, and a dashpad. Or front and rear seats with a console for both. A car build can have a multitude of interior parts that may seem daunting to install ( and to your wallet) when put down on a sheet. A truck can be a much simpler build and can really be finished with an interior install consisting of seats, door panels, a steering wheel, and carpet. Either way, the vehicle build timeline can be kept and a good chunk of cash can be saved in the process.

Buying interior products in a bundle is a smart way to shop for many different reasons. You can purchase a large portion of your interior needs in one outing. You can guarantee that all the components will fit together properly, as well as the material and colors matching exactly. And the most important part is saving a bunch of money.

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