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SEMA 2013

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SEMA 2013

TMI Products SEMA 2013

Thousands of automobile aftermarket companies work tirelessly throughout the year to bring their finest to SEMA and TMI wasted no time bringing out the latest and greatest offerings to the bustling halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

For those action packed days in November, TMI debuted the Sport-X Series. What really set this line of upholstery off were the now-signature look of the metal grommets running down the center of the seats and along the door panels. We took styling cues from the Ford GT40 and incorporated those grommets to bring the Sport-X Series seats to life.

These grommet-enhanced seats would become synonymous with TMI Products and really put us on the map and did wonders for our brand recognition efforts. Anytime you see those 1-inch grommets, you see a TMI product. The seats can be ordered in just about any color you can imagine, and the grommets have several color options as well.

To continue that signature branding, all of the TMI employees walking the halls of SEMA wore shirts with a set of grommets running down the back. It was easy to tell where the TMI employees were and what new products were brought to the show.

To show off the new Sport-X line at SEMA we brought three show-stopping vehicles. Garth Hammond’s 1970 Camaro RS, Michael Cuthbertson’s 1967 Chevelle, and our very own 2005 Mustang GT.

1970 Camaro RS

Garth Hammond’s 1970 Camaro was a new platform for us in 2013 as well. Up to that point we didn’t have a Second-Gen Camaro interior. Not only was his Camaro a new platform, it received the new Sport-X Seats as well!

Garth’s Camaro had to be special to really grab attention at a show like SEMA. The car was laid down with a beautiful blue color and a light yellow to contrast it. A custom stripe layout was done that would get people stopping and looking at the car all week long.

The Pro Touring Camaro would go on to be featured in Chevy Hardcore magazine and seen by millions all over the internet.

1967 Chevelle

Michael Cuthbertson picked up this ‘67 Chevelle and started the transformation. He wanted a car that would look good all day long, but could hit an autocross course with ease as well.

His Chevelle was equipped with a hot SBC under the hood, tubular suspension all the way around and a complete Sport-X interior. His interior was gray with black grommets which perfectly complemented the gray blue exterior of the car.

After SEMA this Chevelle would go on to grace the cover of Chevy High Performance magazine!

2005 Mustang GT

Our trusty ‘05 Mustang was the new car we brought to SEMA. We wanted to show people that even though we love our classic cars, we have really cool interior upgrades for newer cars as well.

Back in 2013 these 2005 Mustangs were starting to show some age and people might want to start upgrading and swapping out parts on them. With tons of popularity, it made perfect sense to install a complete Sport-X interior into the car.

The end result is the Mustang crowd went nuts over it. They had never seen such a unique and custom-looking interior before. Mustangs and Fords magazine loved it too and the car went on to have a full feature in the mags.

2013 SEMA really set the tone for us in the coming years. People absolutely loved the grommets. It really solidified the TMI name as being the definitive source for custom made complete interior components that were easily designable and for many people that allowed them to really show off their interior instead of having a boring, stock interior.

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