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SEMA 2014

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SEMA 2014

TMI Products SEMA 2014

Building on the success of SEMA 2013, TMI wanted to keep that momentum going and really hit the 2014 show with full force. With all that momentum generated from the release of the Sport-X seat pattern with our now-signature style of grommet-studded seats, we were taking the industry by storm. For 2014, we wanted to drive that home and really show off our whole line of upholstery, along with showcasing some new vehicle applications. The big debut for 2014 wasn’t just replacement upholstery and foam, it was a completely new seat made by TMI dubbed the Pro-Series. With the addition of a complete seat that was still customizable, TMI was able to offer a product that no one else had.

People come to SEMA to see new products, but also and maybe more importantly to see the best rides out there! Last year at SEMA in 2013 we brought three cars. For 2014 we doubled that number and stuffed six top-of-the-line cars into our booth! We showed up to Las Vegas Convention Center in force and wanted people to see what we were capable of.

TMI Products 1972 Nova

The very first car is a wicked ‘72 Nova built by the crew at TMI Products. In order to stand out in the Nova crowd, you have to go above and beyond a typical restoration. This Nova sports a wild paint job that gives it an aggressive Pro Touring look and feel.

To compliment the paint job a complete Church Boys Racing suspension was added to ensure this Nova can handle just as good as it looks. On the inside a complete Sport-X interior was added along with their new universal Pro-Series seats. A healthy small block with lots of go-fast parts was shoe-horned under the hood keeping the Nova scooting along with plenty of power and reliability. This car would grace the pages of Lateral-G and Super Chevy Magazine in the months after the show.

1965 GTO Convertible

Keeping with the theme of having GM cars in the booth, the front and center piece at the SEMA 2014 show was a 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible in bright orange! We chose this car so that we could put the top down and show off the beautiful Sport XR interior. With no roof in the way it was easy for people to check out the interior, and that idea worked so well that people were looking at the interior more than the car!

With air ride suspension the GTO was able to tuck those huge wheels up under the wheelwells and seeing a muscle car sit that low made showgoers stop in their tracks and take a closer look. Under the flat black hood was Pontiac power, which surprised people there wasn’t a modern LS between the frame rails.

Michael Cuthberson’s 1968 Camaro

Rounding out the GM SEMA cars in the TMI booth was Michael Cuthbertson’s 1968 Camaro. If you remember in 2013 Michael brought a pretty hot ‘67 Chevelle to SEMA. After a few autocross races he was hooked and decided to build something geared more towards racing than show.

This ‘68 Camaro has a blown LS under the hood and 6-speed transmission. The Budnik wheels hold some big tires at all four corners to help keep this car planted. On the interior TMI designed a waterfall console that went from the rear seat all the way up to the dash utilizing the factory rear seat. With the console in place it gives the rear seat a look of two bucket seats, even though it’s still the factory rear bench seat. Custom looking interior, right out the box - just how TMI Products likes to do it!

TMI Products 1968 Mustang California Special

With three GM cars in the booth, TMI also had three Ford Mustangs in the booth to even things out. The first was TMI Product’s very own test bed ‘68 Mustang. This is the car all our ideas get thrown at and has seen quite a few different iterations. Powered by a built 302, this Pony car keeps up with the best of them.

During SEMA 2014 this slick ‘Stang was sporting a two-tone paint job with Olive drab on top and gloss black on the bottom. This paint job grabbed attention all week long and the interior sucked them in. On the inside we did a complete green interior in it. However staying true to its roots as a test bed, the entire interior was redone with Sport R Bucket Seats in our VXR Pattern, a wrapped steering wheel, matching door panels, and a full length console before gracing the pages of Mustang and Ford Magazine.

CJ Pony Parts 50/30 Mustang

Let’s address the first question you’ll have first, what’s with the 50/30? The answer is pretty easy - it was the 50th anniversary of the Mustang in 2014 and the 30th anniversary of CJ Pony Parts. CJ’s has always been a leader in the Mustang restoration world and this Coyote powered ‘65 Mustang Fastback pays tribute to that.

The goal with this Mustang was to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge. Sure this car could win trophies all day long at any car show, but its destiny was the track. We kept the interior clean and black, but stitched the seats in a beautiful brown color to make them pop and stand out as the center of attention. Bojix Design S197 Mustang GT The last car in the TMI SEMA booth is the Bojix Design Mustang. This car holds special meaning as the Co-Founder of Bojix was killed in a drunk driving accident only a year before this car’s debut.

This ‘Stang oozes ultra cool design such as the three-tone paint job that’s carried throughout the interior. Even subtle changes were made such as raising the wheel arches to accommodate the steam rollers at all four corners which are needed with the ProCharger under the hood. On the inside the interior has a complete TMI interior that utilized the factory seat frames and foam but added XR Seat Upholstery with white leather and black suede inserts to compliment the paint, as well as door panels to really make the interior pop.

With the huge success of the SEMA 2014 show, we started to make even more Pro-Series seats. These seats come completely assembled and make the job of restoring or upgrading your interior that much easier. From the opening to the box to a new custom seat in your ride only takes minutes! Give us a call to talk about your interior today!

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