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SEMA 2015

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SEMA 2015


SEMA 2015 was the year of trucks for TMI Products! We didn’t just dip a toe and come out with a few products for one truck - we jumped in by offering a full lineup of products for both Ford and Chevy trucks!

During SEMA 2015, you couldn’t walk 10 feet without hitting new truck products. Trucks had jumped in popularity and the parts manufacturers had recognized with a bunch of super cool builds! From showroom stunners to backyard brawlers, SEMA 2015 was filled with them. Inside the TMI Products booth was no different with five unique trucks taking center stage.

TMI Products’ 1973 C10 Square Body

Front, center, slammed, and maroon was the 1973 C10 built by TMI Products. This truck was found local with most of the hard work done. We picked it up with all the suspension and body modifications complete, we just had to paint it and of course drop in a full interior.

We outfitted our ’73 with a Sport VXR interior with the famous grommets. Two bucket seats sit snugly in the cab with a waterfall console. Complementing the seats is a set of molded door panels, dash and headliner along with a TMI steering wheel.

The truck has 20-inch wheels in the front and 22-inchers in the rear, and even though it has such huge rollers it can still lays down super low to the ground. If you’ve ever worked on a Square Body then you know that’s a feat unto itself. Under the hood is a warmed up 327 V8 backed by a 700R4 transmission.

Cap’n Insano’s 1955 Ford F100

While TMI Products is famous for producing such amazing products, it is through the hard work of our Research and Development team to originally craft them and work the bugs out. Teo Zeotemel (@teoinsano) is the owner of this beaut of a ’55 F100 and a long-time employee in the TMI R&D department. He’s a true gearhead too, and at SEMA 2015 he showed off his ‘55 Ford F100 with a unique matte green paint job. This ‘55 Ford is a place where his creativity could really flow and he executed it perfectly.

The interior features a Pro-Series Split-Back bench in a (unfortunately discontinued) rich slightly distressed reddish brown color that balances the vibrant green paint job. This bench seat is molded to look like two buckets but is actually a bench seat that’s at home in any truck or car. Matching door panels finish off this low-slung cruiser.

This ‘55 F100 was so cool that StreetTrucks magazine shot it and put it on the front cover of the magazine!

Denver Lawrence’s ‘70 C20

For Denver Lawrence, his ‘70 C20 has a ton of memories. This is the truck he literally grew up in and was parked outside and all but forgotten before he decided to shorten it, drop it, and bring it to SEMA 2015.

Under the hood is a warmed up 350ci smallblock backed by a four speed transmission. Minus the shortened bed, the outside is 100-percent stock, down to the paint job. The interior was fully gutted for a brand new TMI truck-specific interior, which is a set of Pro-Series Seats in Sport X pattern with matching waterfall console. The TMI door panels also adorn the same cool Sport X fabric and pattern as the seats.

Denver’s C20 went on to grace the cover of the C10 Builders Guide magazine!

James Otto’s ‘66 C10

The name James Otto might ring a bell if you are into country music. He is an accomplished singer/songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. This ’66 was his Grandpa’s that he acquired and transformed it into the truck you see today.

Built to drive and autocross, James’ truck has a built LS under the hood with a six-speed transmission behind it. On the inside is a simple set of Pro-Series seats that keep him in place while sliding around corners or cruising down the street to write the next hit country song. A set of TMI door panels finish off the interior for one hot truck.

TMI Products 1970 Ford F100

At SEMA 2014 there was a bright red F100 that just caught TMI’s attention. That’s all it took for us to begin the hunt for this ‘70 F100 that you see here. After a paint job the truck was lowered and a set of big gold wheels were installed to dial in the outside of the truck.

TMI chose to go with Pro-Classic Universal Sport-X Low Back Bucket Seats to fill the cab in bright white and a charcoal accent. The famous TMI waterfall console slides between the two buckets to provide a set of cup holders for driver comfort. The matching door panels are stitched in Sport R pattern and matching upholstery.

The end result for TMI Products SEMA 2015 efforts was a home-run. The truck crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder in the booth all week. The truck interior scene went from boring stock to custom TMI within that week as TMI forever changed the truck interior landscape.

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