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SEMA 2018

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Year after year, TMI strives to bring the coolest products and rides to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. For the 2018 SEMA show, we started from scratch. With a brand new booth we focused on highlighting our products, while having some of the best vehicles possible in the booth to show them off.

Our booth now featured a wall of seats where you could stroll down and check out every variation of seat. We had five different vehicles in the booth as well, from a ‘67 C10 to a ‘55 Bel Air convertible. Our new product line for the year included all three generations of Nova from ‘62 to ‘72 and all three of those cars inside the booth. Besides the cool cars, we also unveiled a completely new seat! This seat, a completely bolt-in brand new seat called the Pro-Series Power Sport, which is a fully electric powered seat!

‘55 Bel Air

After the successful launch of our Tri-Five products in 2017, we wanted to reinforce the Tri-5 line. We bought this sweet ‘vert and spent the previous 12 months redoing it from top to bottom. With the top fully retracted it totally opens up the car to show off all the interior has to offer.

With the interior in full view of the SEMA viewing public, went all out and installed a set of our Pro-Series Sport-AR Grand seats with full power controls. We stitched the seats and the entire interior in a rich two-tone beige and milk chocolate color that shows how high end TMI Products interiors really are.

The doors feature matching molded door panel along with the dash pad and full length console. With the top down everybody was able to see how nice this car and interior really were!

‘67 Chevrolet C10 Long Bed

This C10 is a long bed, and we kept it that way! Well not really us, our Sales Manager Waylon Krumrie built this truck! He’s a life-long gearhead and this truck represents years of hard work for him. Waylon likes to stand out and be a little different, this bright orange truck is no different. He kept the long bed and the 6-lug wheels to stay true to its roots, but updated everything else.

On the inside we stitched up a bench seat in a green that contrasts the orange, while utilizing a plaid insert. Molded door panels, dash pad and steering wheel were all stitched up in matching green for a truly unique look in this C10.

‘66 Nova This second-gen Nova was built to handle! With a complete aftermarket suspension chassis under it and LS powered, this Nova is destined to hit the track. That doesn’t mean it can’t win a few trophies at any car show. The maroon paint with black vinyl top give it a classic look.

On the inside, a completely new Nova interior product line waited. Stitched in Sport LR pattern, a set of Pro-Series seats adorn the front. Molded front and rear door panels handle the outsides while a dual bucket with waterfall console sits snugly in the back. We also developed a complete trunk kit for these Nova’s too!

‘63 Nova

Sitting next to the ‘66 is this ‘63 Nova. This Nova was built purely with the track in mind and features a complete interior stitched in Sport FXR pattern. Molded door panels and matching rear seat in a blue and black combo set things off, while a set of our race-inspired Chicane seats in the front set it off.

A complete aftermarket chassis rides under the car with a full roll cage to help contain the fire breathing LS engine under the hood. This Nova hit the track soon after SEMA and absolutely killed it!

TMI’s ‘72 Nova

Completing the trio was our ‘72 Nova. We brought this car to SEMA a few years back but got a bit bored with it. At the time it had flat door panels and our older interior designs in it. We stripped that all out and installed a completely new interior in yellow!

On the outside we kept the gray but added a set of black wheels, and completely redid the vinyl straps with yellow to incorporate the bright interior. People stopped left and right to check out this wild Nova and see how they could make theirs look the same.

The Nova’s were a huge hit at SEMA! You see, Nova’s have always been a bit of a little brother to the Camaros and Chevelles, so the Nova crowd was ecstatic to see parts being made for their cars! Waylon’s C10 was shot numerous times in the booth and the ‘55 Bel Air was ate up all week long. With another successful year in the books, what to do for next year? Stay tuned!

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